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Learn From Others’ Mistakes, another Estate in Court…

Now here is a case recently filed on the 29th of May 2018 in the Court of Appeals in the State of California. The person who filed the appeal was Thomas E. Morgan, acting as the Trustee and bringing a lawsuit against Nancy Morgan Shurtleff and other interested parties. This was not the first lawsuit, […]

22 Jun

Do You Really Need a Will, Trust or Maybe Just an Enforcer?

If you die with a Will, is this any different that if you die without a Will? How about bringing in a Living Trust together with a Pour Over Will, is there any difference? Oddly, the answers are very similar whether you die with or without a Will or put the Will together with a […]

My Trust does not have a Protector, do I need one?

My Trust does not have a Protector, do I need one? A Trust Protector is without question “the” most important part of a Trust structure. The Protector is your safety net, advisor, confidant and, as the name implies, your protector of your trust’s operations, trust assets, modifier of the trust to reflect your change of […]